Friday, October 16, 2009

My Cute Kiddos

Went to take pics of the kids the other day- went off rather well considering I did it all by my lonesome. lol
The only bad thing was this was about the ONLY good shot I got on Jayce. we'll try again when I have Rick there to help. :) Aren't they the cutest though?


Amie said...

Awww sweet!! And you wouldn't be offended if I said your kids have big heads like my kids, would you? Man, my two youngest have huge noggins!! They wear the same size hat as their dad! Thank heavens I didn't have to birth them out my hoo-hah.



Lisa Brown said...

Super cute! And Lily will be so jealous that both Hailey and Kayleb are missing teeth.

PS. How did you do your vinnetes? So cool.

Kayla said...

I see Kayleb's tooth and all I can think about is Nanny McPhee now! haha! Cute photos though, even Jayce's is cute!

BiblioBags said...

Aw, I love Kayleb with one tooth! Your kids are too gorgeous. I miss them so badly, even though they don't remember me! That pic of Jayce is my favorite yet . . . maybe he should enter a beautiful baby contest! He looks like a Gap baby, for real! :)