Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ready for it?

Here it is!!! I've been working on a new project (aka...the last post i made) and I've finished it!!- well.. to a point I can post anyway.

I've started up a new business called Bead Beautiful. I handmake beaded jewelry such as watches, bracelets, lockets, etc. I absolutely LOVE doing this. And that's an example of one I've made just above.. it's my fav :)

you know how you do something once and you fall in love? yah... this was that. lol

So go check out the blog, let me know what you think. And if you click on my facebook badge on the right hand side (of the bead blog) you can see a contest going on that you can join!

so tell your friends- bring them by.

And just for my personal blog readers..... if you leave a comment on the watch you like most and become a follower (on the bead blog), I'll enter your name in AGAIN into the drawing that will take place on Nov. 1st.

These really are gorgeous. They are seriously perfect for gifts... esp. with christmas coming up. (hint hint) lol

Oh... and I also do home parties. So if you are interested in earning a discount and/or free stuff, email me for more information to host a party!

toodles and bits!


Zarah said...

I want a home party!!
What do you MEAN you don't wanna travel THAT far? *pouts*

Love your stuff, babe - you seriously rock everything you touch, don't you??!

I LURVE number one. It's amazing! I'm gonna send the link to DH and hope for a nice Santa this year...! ;)

Stephen and Kjerstin said...

I'd love to do a show! Wanna come to Vegas?!?

Alisa said...

i love #5 luv the green.