Monday, October 26, 2009

R.I.P........or not.

So there I was...enjoying my trip to St. Paul, MN. Everything was going great, it started snowing.... I was with the BFF, and then it all changed.
I get a phone call from the husband.

"Hi Honey. Did E call you and tell you about Mia?"
"Um... no one called me about anything. What happened?"
"Well.... she cut her hair"
"No she didn't."
"Yes she did. It's bad"
"Ok seriously... where did she get scissors and when did this happen?"
"Kayleb's scissors, and just as I was leaving for work. She was hiding until after I left."
"No way. How bad is it? Please tell me you're kidding"
"I'm not kidding.. and from what I understand, it's bad."
"Ok... i gotta go. I'll talk to you later"

I then proceed to hang the phone up just in time before the tears start coming. There were about 10 people around me at the time and they thought somone had died by the look on my face. I excused myself to the bathroom and cried until I stopped. (I mean seriously... it was rediculous... but still)
I fixed myself up and went back onto the floor. Everyone asked what had happened and with tears welling up again, I tell them about Mia's escapade. They laughed. lol

I mean.. it was pretty funny... but let me tell you why I was so depressed.

Mia has (or had I should say) the most BEAUTIFUL, natural culry hair, down to her butt. I lived vicariously through her hair. If I had my druthers, I would have her hair. So i guess it was an emotional thing for me because it was now gone.
Mia on the other hand... kept telling E how beautiful she looked. lol

So anyway- here's the before, middle, and after pics. Be prepared to be saddened. She had a mullett- chopped off the sides so short that not even the hair dresser could fix it. She chopped it off and then told me to wait for the sides to grow out and keep trimming until it was all one length. *Sigh*

RIP beautiful hair. If it doesn't grow back the same way (or better) I'll be depressed. lol


Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahahaha!!!! funny funny that little weasle oh well! but i love the new hair cut it is adorable!! even though i loved her long blonde curly hair:(
Breanna your sista

cabeandmelplus3 said...

Ha Ha Ha too funny.......when its not your own kid!! I can not believe that she got it so good! It is really cute though...and who knows maybe it will grow back with those long curly curls.......SHe is too adorable!!!

Zarah said...

Don't kill me ok.. but I have to admit I like the short do better! Brings out her beautiful eyes. She looks SO much like you!!

beckyjune said...

Boy do I ever know the feeling, Amber. My Sarah just cut her hair a few weeks ago- right before church. It was a little longer than your daughter's and also naturally beautifully curly. I loved her hair. We hadn't cut the length of it, only her bangs, because I was afraid we'd lose the curl. She cut most of that off. I was so sad. We took her in the next week and got it fixed. I do think your daughter's hair looks cute but I can really empathize with you. I hope my daughter's curl comes back, too.

Anonymous said...

She looks a LOT like Hailey now. (did I spell that right b/c all of a sudden I had a spelling meltdown?)

Rebecca said...

I think the new do is way cute! Hopefully she'll never touch scisors again though!

Jaime said...

Joelle just did that 2 months ago, well her friend did it to her, her bangs and it still looks horrible. her hair has always grown so slow. At least Mia still looks adorable.

Amie said...

I'm sure it was so traumatic!! My kids have cut their hair several times, but a week or two later and all is well! (boys) If ti's any consolation--her new cut is absolutely darling.

Sassy Lu said...

OMG - I saw what you posted on FB and had to take a look! We've had that same thing happen at our house. I agree with Cat....she does look so much like Hailey with that short cut now. I have a hard time going back to the long maintenance intensive hair after they cut it short. Whether she grows it out or keeps it short....she's adorable!

Kayla said...

I still mourn for Mellie's long hair! It's taken over a year to get it to where it is now, and it's still pretty obvious where she chopped!
She got in pretty big trouble over that, and was grounded from scissors for a long, long, time. I figured she'd learned her lesson by now, but Brice went up to tuck her in a few nights ago and she was cutting up pillowcases, books, and blankets. SERIOUSLY!!!! She's so grounded again!

BiblioBags said...

Oh, that IS sad. Her hair was so beautiful . . . but she's older so hopefully her hair will stay curly. I so envy curly hair, too! But you know, her new haircut is sooo cute. But I'm excited to see it grow out!

jamie said...

Aw man... that's a suckeroo right there. Oh but she's such a cutie! ;)

Lisa Brown said...

Although her new bob is cute, i am with you that her old hair was gorgeous! It will grow, thank goodness. So sorry!!!