Wednesday, October 28, 2009

St. Paul is COLD!!!

So my most recent trip was to St. Paul, MN. Let me tell you... I LOVE IT THERE!!!
I used to live in Fargo, ND for a few years and even though it snows (like towering mounds of it) for about 9 months out of the year, it was one of the best places to live.

St. Paul is beautiful... i can't even begin to tell you how pretty it was.
anyway- so little did i know that it was supposedly in the forecast to snow. Whatever. I hear the weatherman say its' gonna snow all the time and it never does.
Holy wrongage......

I'm on the show floor and i see these women coming down the stairs soaked.
I grab my camera (because I heard that it was snowing), and headed up stairs. This is what I caught.
And you can't see it (because it was that heavy) but there is a beatiful bridge right in front of this view. They were seriously the biggest flakes i've ever seen. love snow storms like this. Pretty, gentle, and wet.... it doesn't stick. lol
Fun times I tell ya. excpet that is was blastin' cold.... don't even wanna go there.
BUT.. the absolute BEST part of this trip was that I got to reunite with one of my BFF's in the whole wide world. We became fast friends when I lived in ND, and although we stayed in touch for a while, we lost contact and didn't find each other until about 2 months ago on the ever wonderful world of Facebook. we' chatted and laughed at old times- but it wasn't anything compared to the time we had here.
We were only able to see each other for about a total of 4 hours.. but it was so worth it! We talked as if we'd seen each other just yesterday and reminisced about old friends and new things. Oh my word... i was so sad when we had to say good-bye.
Katie is truly one of those friends you only find once in your life and I'm so glad that I have her back in mine. Love you girl! (isn't she the cutest? she hasn't changed a bit since 9th grade...seriously. lol)

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the real ~Roxann~ said...

I can't believe you didn't put our roller coaster story in this post!!!