Monday, May 24, 2010


Man- I have a lot to catch ya'll up on.. but for now- you'll have to put up with the crazy adventure of today. See.... we woke up to....SNOW. yes- snow. around 8 am- we had about 2 inches and it was snowing pretty heavy. Then it kept coming. RIck had to use a broom to get the snow off the car- cause it was that really heavy, wet snow.

so it kept coming and coming- until it stopped around 11ish. by then, the damage had been done. I saw neighbors outside using whatever they could to get snow off the trees, to no avail. Even our trees were taking a good hit. I went out twice and my awesome neighbor out once- to get snow off my apple tree- so it was spared.. but my rose bush and willow tree were not.

Thought I'd show you the pics- cause seriously.... I've never seen anything like this in real life. our poor neighbor down the street had their tree land on their house, and their next door neighbor had their tree land on their car. CRAZY. Luckily- it's all melting. no snow on the roads and we're down to about 2 inches left on the grass- we ended up with about 4-5 inches easy. Like I said... SO WRONG!!! lol

I'll catch you up on things as the days go by... there's been a lot going on! toodles:)
Looking out my front window (about 8:30am):
Ny Neighbor across the street:
Neighbor just down the street:
House on the way to kids' school- it USED to be a standing tree:
House across the street from my kids' school:
My Willow tree- this branch we'll have to finish off:
The casulties of the willow tree:
More willow tree casulties- luckily this didn't hurt our next door neighbors dog who is RIGHT behind that fence:
My rose bush- usually it stands a little higher than my window:


Amie said...


Shauna said...

Yikes! Love those freak Utah snows. We're at 85 degrees and 56% humidity. STICKY -- literally, my arms are sticking to the desk as I type! (and this is cooler and dryer than yesterday and the day before!!)

I've had a moment of silence for your beautiful willow and roses. Glad there wasn't too much damage to you and yours!

Jen Gallacher said...

I still can't believe that you got snow yesterday. We only got rain, and it stayed fairly warm. So weird!

PeregrineBlue said...

I don't know you and have only by chance landed on your blog by clicking next blog out of curiosity. However, I totally empathize with you since I am in chile right now and lived through the 8.8 earthquake here in february, a week after my mother had passed away. then, having had to stay to settle mom's estate, a fire hit the sixth floor of the 12 story building where i am ataying, the fright of my life. i was on the 11th. imagine. hope all is settling now or should i say melting away? blessings, constanza