Saturday, November 13, 2010


....of a white christmas... lol
yah- i think something snapped in me this year and I actually WANT snow. call me crazy.
but anywho-
my job has ended (and i'm totally sad) and now I have to move on to something else (which I don't want to do). anyone have something they need done? lol

I just had to post these- i've been working hard on my digi business and I'm DYING that I don't have the $ to start up a physical paper company. if I did, I'd be ALL OVER IT. but that's the goal... someday.
in the mean time- a way good friend of mine- Carol Monson- prints out my papers and uses them... she does an amazing job. I had to share her projects- for your eye candy pleasure :)
SO CUTE right? I'm so inspired- I'm gonna print them up myself and scrap today. Yes- you heard right folks... I WILL BE SCRAPPING TODAY. (you can all shut your jaw dropping mouths now) lol
I'll totally take pics of what I came up with too- cause heaven knows.. it's been how long since I plast posted a project of my own? lol

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Amie said...

Oh so cute! What a nice job she did! Gonna have to lift those somehow!