Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Holy Schmoly!

Ok.. you might be sick of it.. and so am I.. believe me. lol


took a lot of long hours and hard work and I absolutely LOVE it. So if you are inclined to check it out, please do.

Lollipop Press Website

In other news:
we had a pretty lame Halloween. and knowing my feelings on the holiday, i didn't really care.. but the kids did. :(
It was POURING. like... DOWNPOUR, can't go outside without getting drenched after 5 seconds.
so we couldn't trick or treat. instead... we got pizza and Krisy Kreme doughnuts and had a halloween party while watching Hocus Pocus.
then on Sunday, we did our own little trick or treating in our house. Rick and I stood behind the bedroom doors and the kids dressed up and went from door to door. they had fun. And the haven't complained about not going REAL trick or treating.. so i think we're good.

just looking forward to the holidays now! CRAZY that it's just around the corner!

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Kayla said...

I'm sorry about the downpour on Halloween. But I bet that this one will be the one they remember for years and years!

And I love your website! I'd buy it all if I were a scrappy person.