Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mass Email

I sent out a mass email to those of you who ordered kits. If you didn't get one from me- here it is:

Due to the raise of flat shipping rates, I've decided that reg. priority shipping will be cheaper for everyone. Because of this, the totals will not be sent until I box them all and weigh them all. Once I'm able to get them all weighed, I will pay for the shipping price and stamp. I will email everyone the totals once I have them. SOrry for the inconvenience- and it will take a little longer to get the totals to you- but rest assured that they are coming. I'm hoping to get them all shipped by mid-week next week. I will ship as I get payment in.

I will be accepting payment via paypal, money order, or personal check. If you pay with the latter one- please be aware that it will take longer to ship as I will wait for the processing of the $. I will send paypal information in each personal email with the grand total. Please rest assured that I haven't forgotten anyone and that I'm not ignoring emails. :)

SOrry for the mass email, but it's the easiest way to let everyone know! Thanks for your patience and I"ll be in touch soon- PROMISE! :) Have a good day ladies!

If you have any questions or concerns- please email me again.

I still have kits 5, 6, 13, 16, 17, 20, 22, and 26 left.... if there is anyone else interested in them, please let me know!


Casey Lu said...

If I didn't even get a response from you at all does that mean I wasn't lucky enough to get the kits I chose?

Julie Overby said...

Oh, you are brilliant Amber!! What a great way to clear out your scrap room!! You did a great job putting the kits together. Do you still have the silouette? I know someone who MIGHT be interested. Not sure though.

Hope all is well.


Deborah said...

I haven't gotten an email yet and almost forgot about just let me know :)