Thursday, February 05, 2009


The last 4 days have NOT been fun at all. I noticed on Monday that my little baby wasn't feeling well. just the cranky and not eating very much. But there was no fever and nothing else to make me believe anything was really wrong.


That night around 9:30- he puked. ALL OVER THE PLACE.
at 11:00 Puke again.

I pulled his bed into the living room and I slept on the couch to make sure it wouldn't happen again. He dry heaved- but no more throwing up.

Woke up (well.. didn't really sleep) and he ended up throwing up about 3 times on Tuesday. he'd keep down some juice- but any time we fed him formula, it would come back up about 3 seconds after he'd finish it.

Tuesday night- he threw up once about 3 am, but it wasn't a lot and he went right back to sleep.

Wednesday he threw up around 10 am, again-not that much, and that was it for the day. We were able to feed him a little formula and have him keep it down.

Wednesday night- slept through the night-and no throwing up... THANK HEAVENS.

He woke up this morning as happy as could be- he's been playing and smiling. I thought for sure he was on the downside of this thing.


I strapped all the kids in the car to go get Hailey from school and as we're waiting..... BLAH. seriously... all over the back of my car. Like he'd been holding 2 days worth of food just to come out now.

Gothome, cleaned him up.... he's smiling and playing- but isn't acting like he feels well.

still no fever, nothing else is wrong- just throwing up. He's still drinking, he's still having wet diapers- so i know he's not dehydrated. I think if he throws up tomorrow i'm taking him in.

none of the other kids have been sick at all. (knock on wood) and i was nauceous for 2 days with him, but i'm feeling much better too. I bleached all his toys, used clorox to clean his saucer and carseat, I've boiled his binky's, and i'm washing my hands like crazy and making everyone else do it too.

i just hope it ends soon. Heaven knows i DO NOT want a repeat of christmas 2007... THAT was a nightmare i never want to see again.

anyway- i'm here, i'm alive, just blah.
i'll post something more amusing later on. It's Hailey's bday this weekend- so i'll have plenty to post about!


Jen Gallacher said...

Ewwww! Poor you and him. :( Hopefully he's really on the mend this time.

Katie said...

What day is Hailey's birthday? Tylers is Saturday! I hope your baby is feeling better now!

Amie said...

I saw you post about this on the Nook...I think I would check with your pediatrician. Usually flu bugs don't last that long! Will be thinking of ya!

BiblioBags said...

That is a long stomach bug! I'm so sorry, I cannot imagine . . . while we're sharing gross-out baby stories . . . Charlie just had a cold last week, but for whatever reason, it made him throw up . . . all over the couch. So I put him in the bath to clean him up, and then he had diarrhea in the tub. And of course, this was a night John was working late and I had to deal with it alone! Bleech.

Get better, Jayce!

Lisa Brown said...

Oh, that is awful! And your poor baby boy! Hope he is better now.